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12 Myths That Movies Have Taught Us To Believe

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I hate to admit this, but I didn’t know any of these movie myths were myths until I saw these images. I am one to point out mistakes and misinformation in movies quite a lot. I have a useless arsenal of military facts and regulations in my brain.

Take a look at these busted movie myths. Did you know any of this stuff?

1: Shooting two guns at the same time looks cool, but pretty much impossible to aim at two different targets

Movie myths 2: Pulling out a grande pin with your teeth is much harder than you think

3: If you’re planning on kidnapping someone with chloroform, maybe it’s best to knock them out first

4: Why do movies tell us you have to wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person?! That’s a lie

5: Takes the whole part of the navigating through the asteroid field of all Sci-fi movies

6: Tracing a phone call takes more time than you think

Movie myths 7: You need a big ass gun to shoot down a door lock

8: Full series are now gone, never watching CSI again, NEVER!

9: Silencers are not really that quite, think twice before using one

10: Drowning persons have trouble breathing and usually just struggle for air

11: This makes a lot of sense, another lie by the movies

12: WHAT?! So what was all these saving lives in the last minute scenes in ER and all other medical shows?

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