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15 Creepy Pictures That Were Taken From Ultimate Heights

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When you’re youthful and wild, you know your life is brimming with experiences. This is so valid for a portion of the urban climbers who are not frightened of biting the dust and truly fear nothing. Some of the Russian climbers have chosen to climb the tallest working on the planet. These kinds of stunts are banned and should not be tried.

1. Tallest Building in China (632m)- The Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in Shanghai and these people are risking their lives for just a picture.

2. Hong Kong Skyscraper


That Adrenaline rush people feel after visiting these type of places is just next level.

3. Russian daredevils Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov

Its construction took 6 years and an amount of $4.2 billion. It’s just spell-bounding!

4. Roof Project In Hong Kong

Some rooftop construction site which these people are climbing is just horrifying to climb.

5. Second Largest Building In China

This Second largest building in China is something you never want to look down from.

6. Nike Is All You Need To Reach These Places

This guy did this with Nike shoes on. How simple is that for them, just cannot imagine.

7. Night Birdseye at Hong Kong.

Look at the view you get from this highest building. It’s illegal though but it’s worth it.

8. That Wonderful Shot

It’s worth to climb this tall building and taking a shot from the top. The place looks so amazing.

9. Real Life Spiderman

Climbing that building can be so difficult and life-risking but here, this guy got some skills and courage to push himself to that level.

10. On the Top of Christ Redeemer

Never thought of climbing to that statue but this guy thought of it and conquered it so bravely.

11. Cologne Cathedral, Germany.

Is that a ladder he is climbing with? This guy isn’t normal, this guy accomplished this task so gratefully.

12. Clicks Around Hong Kong

Those lights from the top of this building look so amazing that you can risk your life just to observe and click some pictures out there.

13. And the world looks tiny

Cologne Cathedral is Roman Catholic Church in Cologne, Germany. Its height is 157 m.

14. World’s Tallest Tower (till 2012), Princess Tower, Dubai

Dubai Being the most popular tourist place to visit gives you all the privilege to just enjoy the top view of this beautiful city.

15. Selfie at 101 story building!

Do you know the definition of being crazy? They just redefined each and every meaning of being crazy.

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