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10 Craziest Myths About Our Body That Were Debunked

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Everybody and their moms have accepted a few beliefs about the human body that have ended up being wrong. In spite of the fact that these myths have been proven wrong, they are still generally accepted by many people — possibly you. For example, do you believe you’re special because your fingerprints are yours and yours alone? Well, reconsider it! You’re not special! At least not because of your fingerprints. We’re sure you’re very special in other ways.

1. Shaving your body hair makes it grow back thicker.

This is totally false, a myth propagated by Big Body Wax in order to get you to stop buying razors. Alright, that is not valid, but rather it truly is a myth that your hair becomes back thicker if you shave it. Truth be told, there were studies done in 1928 that proved that shaving had no impact on hair growth. So there! Shave away.

2. Peeing on a jellyfish sting will alleviate the pain.

It may have worked for Joey in a scene of “Friends,” yet no — urinating on a jellyfish sting does not ease the pain. But, the zone where the individual was stung ought to be washed with vinegar. If vinegar isn’t available, use salt water.

3. You can catch a cold just from being outside in the wet or cold weather.

At the point when your mom demands you wear a coat or else you’ll come down with a bug, now you can reveal to her she’s off-base. “Cool or wet climate does not cause an icy … The basic chilly is caused by an infection. These infections are all over the place and it is hard to dodge them.”

4. Most of your body heat is emitted through your head


Your mother probably also always instructed you to wear a cap on the grounds that your head is the place the greater part of your body’s heat escapes from. Indeed, that is wrong, as well! Mother, truly. Get your facts straight. Click on the next page to know more shocking myths.

5. You can cure snake bite by sucking out the poison

Whatever you do, don’t suck the snake poison out of your friend’s leg! It can infect the site of the injury because your mouth is a dirty place.

6. It’s dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker.

It’s most likely more hazardous if you see them sleepwalking and don’t wake them up. Who knows where they’d end up if you didn’t shake them up.

7. Your fingerprints are one-of-a-kind.

One of the article says every individual’s fingerprints are 100 percent unique. And keeping in mind that fingerprints are used as proof in criminal investigations, we really have no real way to prove that each of our fingerprints is not at all like some other person’s. It’s simply impossible. Actually, there are 22 known instances of fingerprint mistakes in the record of the American legal system.

8. The ability to roll your tongue is genetic.

In a study of 33 sets of identical twins, seven of the sets had one twin who could roll their tongue and one twin who couldn’t. But their genes were the same. So clearly, the ability to move one’s tongue did not depend on your genes. However, the myth exists. Click on the next page to know more.

9. We only have five senses.

What’s more, no, the 6th one isn’t “seeing dead people” Scientists suspect that people have in the between of 22 and 33 senses, some of which include a sense of balance, sense of temperature, sense of pain, and sense of thirst. It’s real; we are much more complex and interesting than we’re told when we’re growing up.

10. It takes seven years for your body to digest swallowed chewing gum.

Gum may not be digestible, but rather that doesn’t mean it can’t go through your digestive system. Therefore, the possibility that it takes seven years for your body to process a bit of swallowed gum is a myth. The human body is passing objects up to the size of a quarter.

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