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10 Moments When Dads Nailed It With Their Jokes


It’s possible that you’ve just seen a couple of father jokes throughout your life. Fathers love to torment their youngsters with such jokes and they are so embarrassingly terrible that they end up being entertaining.

1. Never Ask Your Dad To Send Pictures

This Boy asked his dad to send a picture of the apartment in Tokyo where he just moved. This is what he got.

2. For Dads Old Is Gold

Convincing his dad for a new phone was a big deal. The upgrade was from 3310 to iPhone But his dad ordered custom phone cover for the new iPhone This was what it looked like. Don’t miss out the next one.

3. Office Drawers Trolled

These drawer stickers show how humorous this dad is! I just started looking at the first drawer and then ended up laughing on the second one.

4. His Girlfriend’s Dad Got Some Skills

When you have no clue about what your girlfriend’s dad is going to send. When you see the actual picture you can’t resist but laugh. Click next for more.

5. Prank Along With Happiness

Look twice or check when your dad brings a cake home. It can be balloon topped with cream.

6. When Dads Do Something Out Of The Box

His Dad was looking at him for 5 mins but he couldn’t figure out what was the matter till he saw his plate. Don’t miss out, click next.

7. Dentist Dad

Ever in my life, I could imagine a Pumpkin for Halloween like this. This is what happens when your friend’s dad is a dentist.

8. That Transformation

When you get a text from your dad saying your dog took over his room and sends you this picture. Next two are amusing, click next.

9. Possessive Dad

A girl got a text saying send me your picture just in a bra, The reply he got from that girl is totally hilarious since her dad was in charge.

10. That’s Scary

When your dad uses props to scare the hell out of you anywhere and everywhere possible. For similar articles click on next.