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10 Top-Secret Beauty Tips From Celebrities

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Beauty Trends are started and ended by the Celebrities before we commoners have even heard of them. These guys are always on top with their latest hair, makeup, fashion, and beauty treatments.

You will be surprised to know that when it comes to beauty treatments, all your favorite stars are up for all kinds of bizarre stuff. Do you want to know how these A-list celebs manage to look so awesome all of the time? Read through the article to know their secret beauty tips.

1. Angelina Jolie: Caviar

If we have heard correct, Angelina is a big fan of spreading the fish egg extract over her skin to firm and moisturize it. It is also believed that she had used this treatment during her pregnancies to avoid stretch marks.

2. Jenna Dewan Tatum: LED Mask

The actress revealed, “I have an LED face mask that my facialist, Shani Darden, gave me. That’s the only thing I wouldn’t do in public — everything else, I don’t really care.”

3. Bar Rafaeli: 24-Karat Gold Facial & Vampire Facial

The model is a fan of 24-karat liquid gold facials as well as vampire facials, which are a form of regenerative facial therapy that uses the patient’s own blood. How bizarre is that?

4. Gwyneth Paltrow: Bee Stings

This actress once revealed, “I’ve been stung by bees. It’s a [thousands-of-years-old] treatment called apitherapy. People use it to get rid of inflammation and scarring. Man, it’s painful.”

5. Lauren Conrad: Oil Pulling

The former Hills star is said to partake in oil pulling, a technique that involves whooshing a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes to remove toxins and whiten teeth.

6. Cindy Crawford: Milk Spray

This iconic supermodel gets the milk mixed with water for a hydrating facial spray. It may sound super gross for some of you, however it clearly works. Just look at her!

7. Alessandra Ambrosio: Velaterapia

This Victoria Secret Angel engages in a Brazilian treatment called velaterapia, which involves split ends being burnt off with an open flame. Now you know the secret of her latest hairstyle!

8. Mandy Moore: Eyebrow Tinting

“In the comfort of my own home, I love getting my eyebrows tinted,” the actress explained. “But you look like a crazy person when the temporary dye is just sitting on your eyebrows.”

9. Kate Hudson: Ice Water

The actress likes to get her face in icy cold water to revitalize her skin. The freezing temperature apparently reduces puffiness and boosts circulation.

10. Halle Berry: Coffee Scrub

The actress likes to rub ground coffee all over her body while in the shower as a way of stimulating skin and as a circulation-boosting exfoliate.

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