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14 hilarious parodies of rich kids from Instagram


Rich kids here, rich kids there… The internet’s awash with wealthy youth who love to flaunt their luxury lifestyles, designer clothes, superyachts, sports cars and so on. And to rub salt into the wound, they’re only doing it to make us poorer folk jealous. Thankfully, there are plenty of people willing to play these over-indulged kids at their own game by poking fun at their vacuous lifestyles!

Here are 14 hilarious photos of people parodying millionaire show-offs!

1. Because drinking from a straw is the height of rich kid fashion

2. “My new phone!”

3. A quick Starbucks in your Lamborghini, whilst checking the time on your Rolex

4. “How do you like my new, gold-plated car?”

5. Now that’s what we call a rock!

6. “Just to prove that my dad’s also a billionaire…”

7. “Just invited my pals over for a quick game of snooker…”

8. “I spent my day counting my gold bars…”

9. “Decided to go on weekend cruise on my superyacht.”

10. Why drink gallons of champagne when water will do?

11. Money makes the world go round…

12. “Me and my pet tiger posing with my car!”

13. That ecstactic feeling when you’re rolling in cash

14. Nugget au poulet with a French-style potato, drizzled with a ketchup coulis

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