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18 Scary Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men.

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Women live longer than men. Why? Well, for one thing, most women don’t participate in anything that will obviously put their life in danger. Men, on the other hand, can make the worst decisions when it comes to their safety and there’s a reason for it.

Men’s frontal lobes develop slower than women’s. The frontal lobes are the part of the brain that does all the decision making and risk assessment. Overall, men are just doomed by nature to be walking accidents. They love to threaten their own lives and live life on the edge.

Here’s a couple of photos to further prove our point.


#1. When shipping charges are too expensive and you just got to have that TV now.

Sometimes a man has to do whatever it takes during football season.
#2. How is this possible?! That ladder should have fallen off by now.

No way in hell would a woman do such a thing.

#3. He just looks so laidback and calm while he’s cutting down the tree.

So the real question is, did he fall backwards or forward? And why did someone let him do this?

#4. Where do these men even get these ideas?

Do you see what’s holding them up there? No way that scaffolding can be held by some concrete bags.

#5. Exactly just how did he achieve this? And how has he NOT fallen yet?!

Makes my palms sweaty just looking at it.

#6. This definitely looks like it did not end well. Parents please don’t let your kids do this.

Jesus take the wheeeeeeel!

#7. So what happens when someone enters and pushes open the door?

“Hi honey, I’m home!”

#8. How can anyone possibly think that this is ok?!

No, just no. This guy is definitely a high risk taker.
#9. What was going through his mind when he made the jump?

How could this have possibly been a good idea?

#10. Well that’s one way to get some height on a ladder.

Did he block all the wheels at least?


#11. “Hello? Yes, I’d like to increase my husband’s life insurance policy.”

How did he even get the second ladder up there?

#12. Was this really the best way to get into that window?

It looks like it was a pretty elaborate plan.

#13. Well he was definitely creative with his surrounding objects.

“Cirque du Soleil here I come!”

#14. Such great team work to get the job done.

Life of workers in Dubai has no value, I see.

#15. Is this really worth it to just clean some windows?

I feel sick just looking at this.

#16. They can may make better money performing.

You have to admit what they achieved was pretty impressive.

#17. It’s obviously ok if he ends up beheading himself.

It’s not like he was using it for anything anyway.

#18. So is this how they give flu shots now?

I love how the dad doesn’t even look like he’s in pain.