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31 Most Embarrassing Images Of The Last Year


We’ve all had bad days. Sometimes, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. After waking up, it’s just one thing after another. And with today’s obsession with social media, we tend to want to share our misery. Watching someone else having a day that’s even worse! The day doesn’t look so bad when it’s apparent that there are others out there who are also having a bad day… and theirs is way worse in so many ways. The next time a bad day pops up, the solution is simple. These pictures give us plenty of proof to brighten any bad day.

1. Damn you kitty!

At least kitty can taste it now! Hooman it is all mine now!

2. Wanna go for a ride… Oooops!

Yes, honey! We are driving nowhere!

3. Oooops sorry!

It looks like it’s raining outside.

4. Want a customize car?

That is how you paint the car interior, bruh.?

5. Hey, you were looking for me?

Yes, come we can have a tea together! *pissing his pants in silence*

6. Damn You vending machine!

Karma is a bitch! You have to suffer through it!

7. Runnnnnnn!

Shitty performance looks like this… Be safe girls.

8. #FamilyGoals

And the Worst parent of the year award goes to this couple.

9. Holy shit!

A regular garage day, when suddenly… Nightmares seem to be real!

10. Ohhh, Edward!

He is having the worst day ever!

11. After a big drunken night.

No no, I am trying to find a bone, which I hide last night!

12. Look carefully!

When you see it… and realize, it ain’t a fun ride anymore.

13. Ohh, buoy!

He failed to do an egg-celent job!

14. Anything can happen!

When soap bar looks like a delicacy.

15. May God bless you!

Girl! That is the door, not a window!

16. On your demand sir!

Macdonald never disobeys their customers.

17. A big disappointment!

It was never meant to be this way!

18. Ohh f**k!

They were supposed to wash the clothes in that, not to cook food in it!

19. Never leave me alone!

This picture aches my heart! You broke my heart!

20. Let me help you baby!

When life hates you the most.

21. You left so early.

Hey, see I got a new tissue roll. It seems like he doesn’t want to be with me.

22. Watch out, girl! It’s late!

She took a bath with a milk today.

23. Here is a good day!

When destiny leads you to another plan…

24. Wall mounting at it’s best.

Let’s watch the show now. Because it is happening.

25. When dead one doesn’t want to leave you.

Looks like the dead man is planning to Rest In Pieces.

26. What is it??

It looks like he was cooking something SHITTY!!

27. Adjustment is at its best

Let us wait for few days to let is melt..!

28. You can imagine the scenario now

Woooooohhh….. his bike is so flexible!

29. A helpless day!

“Hello, Mark!… Yeah, I screwed up… Yupp, big time!”

30. Sorry but not sorry!

When your girlfriend is angry but she says No I am not angry.

31. A pizza with extra cheese.

He wanted to have some pizza. But destiny planned something else for him.

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