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8 Funny Tweets About Parents


Parents — you gotta adore them. They are always there for you whether you require some help or you need to be embarrassed. While all parents are extraordinary, there are a number of things they share that a ton of us can relate to. Children have turned to Twitter to share their funny experiences with their parents. In this way, today, we’re celebrating them by posting a couple of hilarious tweets about parents.

1. Never miss a call!

His/Her mom must be awesome.

2. The plot thickens…

It was autocorrected from “fucks” and the emptiness represents “zero fucks given”? Is your dad sassy like that?

3. Asked and answered.

Wrong question kid!! Never ask this question to your parents because you will get surprising answers.

4. From generation to generation.

Never make mistake to ask them about that specific movie. Click on the next page to read more.

5. Adorable, aren’t they?

Moms are so cute… But I can’t digest this much cuteness.

6. Dad jokes — can’t stop, won’t stop!

Bouncy castle futures have been jumping all over the place, believe me. Click on the next page to laugh more.

7. What she don’t know won’t hurt her!

Last time I said that she was like “go buy two more for your brothers”…

8. #JustDadThings

You can see you are doing this when you’re older!

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