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Annoying daily situations that could happen to any of us


Life is full of niggly, annoying situations that aren’t the end of the world, but do put us in a really bad mood. Even the calmest person on the planet will have a pet hate – it’s part and parcel of being human! If you don’t believe us, then check out this list…

Here are 16 everyday situations that have happened to most of us and left us wishing we’d stayed in bed! What about you? Are you easily annoyed or as cool as a cucumber when things don’t go your way? Share your comments below!

1. When someone puts a wet teaspoon in a pot of sugar, leaving it all clumpy, lumpy and with an aftertaste

2. The day your smoke detector managed to catch fire rather than detect it!

3. You’re late for work and when you dig out your keys, you find this has happened

4. When you admire something ‘perfect’, only for it to set off your OCD

5. Was it really so hard to find the right color?

6. When you lend your scissors to someone and they come back like this

7. When someone carries your pizza like this…

8. When the person laying the tiles has too many beers before work…

9. When you try and fail to pour a drink from one glass to another

10. Why do people insist on doing this?

11. When your boiled egg refuses to be peeled and you end up with the white stuck to the bits of shell

12. When public restrooms only have single-ply paper, so you have to use a ton

13. When you open your burger and find this…

14. When the delivery guy doesn’t want to put your parcel on the ground, but still manages to mess up!

15. We wonder what drug this designer was on!

16. When the inside of your taxi looks like a NASA spacecraft and the driver wants to surf rather than get you to work on time!

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