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Bad Descriptions Of Disney Movies That Will Ruin Your Childhood


“Young woman finally gets some rest. Along comes a man to ruin it.”

Over the weekend, Twitter user @maria_giesela posed a hilarious question that quickly became a viral tweet:

As a Disney enthusiast, I was fully dyin’ over the spot-on and hilarious responses that made me look at my childhood faves in a new light.

Here are some of the funniest “terrible” Disney summaries:

1. This fishy way of looking at Prince Eric’s line of work in The Little Mermaid:


2. Or, how ’bout this clever take on The Little Mermaid instead:

3. This brutal interpretation of Toy Story:

4. This accurate summary of Belle’s romantic choices in Beauty and the Beast:

5. This heartbreaking version of what happened between Anna and Elsa in Frozen:

6. This Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs retelling that’s relatable AF:

7. This devastating myth-busting, courtesy of Mufasa’s death in The Lion King:

8. This High School Musical reality about the film’s one true hero, Sharpay:

9. And while we’re talking about DCOMs, how about this Cheetah Girls description that’ll make you say, “Oh, SHIT!”:

10. This very literal and very true synopsis of Alice in Wonderland:

11. This factual description of Mulan:

12. This exhausting spin on Sleeping Beauty:

13. This bleak outlook on Cinderella

14. …and this very good point about the plot:

15. This truth bomb about the basic premise of Aladdin

16. …and this even more hilarious version:

17. This scary version of Lilo & Stitch:


18. This Moana description that will forever change the way that you talk about Maui:

19. This gospel truth about Hercules:

20. This Peter Pan summary that’ll ruin Neverland for you:

21. And, finally, this 101 Dalmatians take that gives you Cruella DeVille’s perspective:


Ahh, the wonderful world of Disney!

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