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Examples of food and drink perfection


How food or drinks look can make the difference between an enjoyable feast and a culinary disaster, even if the flavors are exactly the same! If you’re fussy about how your plate looks then tickle your taste buds by browsing through this selection of 40 photos, none of which have been retouched or prepared by a master chef!

1. A perfectly round egg

2. Beautifully arranged apples

3. When bubbles become a work of art

4. So perfect it would be a shame to eat it!

5. A mouthwatering pyramid of cherries

6. Ripening plum tomatoes

7. Cinnamon rolls about to baked

8. When apples come into season

9. A deliciously gooey pile of pancakes

10. It’s all depends on the scoop you use!

11. For anyone who wants to know what the perfect Irish Coffee looks like!

12. Mickey Mouse, watermelon-style

13. When jelly candies form a rainbow of color

14. When ravioli show off their synchronized swimming skills

15. A perfectly symmetrical green pepper

16. Tic Tac’s in military formation

17. So perfect you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a fake tomato!

18. A rainbow chili!

19. When your slice of cheese is exactly the same size as your bread

20. A heavenly selection of spices

21. Which one would you eat first?

22. A stone-less avocado! What are the chances of this happening?

23. An artistic smoothie!

24. Another ‘too good to eat’ ice cream!

25. Soda can art!

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