Funny Photos Showing Why Men Don’t Live Forever


What do you do when your car needs fixing however you’re broke AF? Or then again, when you gotta screw a light however you don’t have a ladder? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, you adjust and improvise. More often than not you’ll play it smart, but not these fellas. They all have a desire to die or something. Whichever way it actually is NSFW, and not positively. So let us see the hilarious and dangerous things men do. The #9 is most terrible one.

1. Hey, croc want some help?

Nothing will get you that adrenaline surge, such as mauling a croc! And, who knows, possibly poor animal was suffocating and the man simply wanted to help him.

2. Safety first!

I mean… it’s better to NOT having a protection mask, yet this is still very unsafe.

3. Got it! I can fix it.

Oh yeah, “what could go wrong”, right? How about “everything”!

4. Gravity does not exist in our world man!

Same question, same answer, different idiot. What are they thinking? That the gravity is a myth? Click on the next page to see more.

5. Hey look I am professional idiot

It’s absolutely safe, literally nothing to worry about here.

6. What is he trying to do??

Why man why?? Are you drunk??

7. Screw his job!

I get the chills each time I envision myself on that edge!

8. Nobody can beat the snowman

Searching for some quality winter fun, eh? What about standing directly under the tremendous icicles with your mouth open? Click on the next page to continue.

9. Someone’s daddy is super ninja!

Let’s hope he jammed the door on both sides.

10. Let’s go!

How did this dialogue go, I wonder? “Dude, all you have to do is make sure the fridge doesn’t fall over. Yeah, yeah, you can wear flip-flops, sure.”

11. Inspired by online videos

I’ve seen plenty of idiots on the internet, however, this one takes the cake.

12. Seriously?

As someone who’s actually done this before, I can confirm – it’s not as fun as it seems.

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