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Funny pics of pets mimicking their owners


Most vets and animal-lovers claim that pets not only look like their owners, but also tend to mimic their every move (well, almost!).

By way of proof, we’ve come up with a selection of 25 adorable photos of pets doing exactly the same thing as their owner! What about you? Do you have any four-legged friends that mimic you? Share your photos and comments with us below!

1. When a protective big cat curls up beside his tiny human friend

“I’ve got your back!”

2. Like father, like son

Hard to tell which one looks the most relaxed!

3. When a dog and his master fall fast asleep

Note that the dog’s got two pillows!

4. “What’s so interesting?”

Cuteness overload!

5. Check out the smile!

A cheeky canine grin!

6. When your cat challenges you to a game of Battleships

“I’ve just sunk your aircraft carrier…”

7. Best friends forever…

Unconditional love!

8. “Fancy a selfie session?”

Wonder if the cat also has an Instagram account?

9. “Who gave you permission to enter?”

“Leave now, you’re not welcome – we’re busy!”

10. Because owners make the best cushions!

This guy didn’t want a cat but bowed under pressure from his girlfriend. Here he is two days after the kitten arrived!

11. “What you looking at,”

“My masters got attitude and I got style…”

12. When there’s not enough room

“I wish the couch was bigger… I need a nap!”

13. When your cat finds the best pillow in the house

This cat looks like he’s settled down for the day!

14. When a dog’s as crazy as his family

We wonder how long the dog held this pose before wolfing down the pancake!

15. A literary cat!

He also enjoys watching TV…

16. Because he also loves bike rides

An adventurous couple

17. Tanning competition

When your mom and dad send you a photo like this, it means you’ve been replaced!

18. Sharing a meal is a true sign of friendship

Best friends share everything…

19. Just cruising along…

When you wonder if your dog is in fact a human in disguise!

20. It’s important to learn business skills whilst you’re young

This cat will be investing in Bitcoins before you know it!

21. Sweet dreams

Nothing’s more comforting that a happy, purring cat!

22. Our cats also feel bad when we’ve got the blues

A problem shared is a problem halved!

23. Why do some men prefer dogs?

Because they’re great TV buddies!

24. “Is there a problem?”

“Yes, bring me food. And some water.”

25. Completely flaked out

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