How to spot a gigolo


A gigolo is a man who lives at the expense of the material possibilities of women.

Often he is an attractive young person who looks quite respectable, dresses dearly and tastefully, cares for himself, he is well educated and erudite.

However, he has only one purpose: to live at someone else’s expense. For one reason or another, it is difficult for a lounge lizard to compete with other men, and he chooses a shorter path to financial stability, starting to withdraw money from women’s purses.

Before he begins to empty a woman’s purse, an easy-rider struggles to look like a successful and prosperous person in the eyes of a woman. As a rule, a woman gets information about his developing business. A gigolo is even ready to spend money on something, everything looked really like that. He drives an expensive car, dresses in the most expensive clothes and affords expensive trips abroad. But that is all – just a preparation for the woman to stop analyze his behavior and to start to trust him.

When a woman starts to trust an easy rider, the following scenarios begin to develop:

Scenario 1. A man suddenly announces that he has temporary financial difficulties. He is trying not to ask for money. He does it only in extreme cases, if a woman does not understand that he needs monetary aid. Of course, he promises that very soon everything will be okay and he give her money back. After that, the man disappears forever. However, if it suddenly turns out that a woman misses him, and he realizes that she has not yet learned that he is a gigolo, he can do the same thing over her again. It happens that a gigolo is present in the life of a lady until she has no money at all. When she has nothing to give him, he leaves her.

Scenario 2. A man is ready to marry, but not from great love, but because a woman’s father owns some valuable property (his own firm, several expensive apartments and other riches), so a lounge lizard hopes to get something after his marriage.

Scenario 3. First, there is an acquaintance on the Internet, where a man charms of a woman so much that she is ready to go to the bank and take a loan for him, which for some tragic circumstances he can not take himself. After receiving money a gigolo disappears leaving a woman with huge debts to the banks. Most often, a woman can not prove that she took a loan not for herself.

What unites all the victims of easy-riders?

– Low self-esteem.

– Compassionate.

– Developed sense of duty.

– The fear of loneliness.

– Certain financial solvency.

– Distrusting of one’s feelings. Some women, despite all the tricks of a gigolo, at some point begin to suspect him of dishonesty, but do not listen to their feelings.

What are the preventive measures? How to recognize a lounge lizard in the early stages of a relationship?

– Listen attentively to what he says about himself and his life.

– Suppress any attempts or hints of monetary assistance.

– Pay attention to the fact that a man actively asks questions about your material stability, while hiding information about him or giving you the information in which something does not converge.

Of course, there are such situations in life where a man falls into difficult circumstances in which money is required. You need to be sure that the money will be returned. For example, you can ask his passport and write down its number and take an acquittance from him to be able receiving money later.

Remember that if you do not give money to gigolo, he will not remain with you for a long time. He will not try to fix something in your relationship, to look for a new job or to sing serenades under the windows. He will just find another woman.

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