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Mechanical Engineers Prove That Cars Can Be Repaired With Anything

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This is the time of creations. Consistently you hear something new about electric cars, hybrid cars, new planes, flying (drifting) loads up, However, in the wake of all those inventions, there are those crazy things some people love to do to their crashed, broken or simply, damaged cars.

Tapes Can Fix Anything

When people think tapes can fix anything, these are the results you get and they are totally epic.

Fork And Rubber Bands

If at all you have broken car door latch you must use a fork and a rubber to fix it. Cheap Isn’t It?

Break Lights

When your brake light doesn’t work automatically and you use a separate button for it. This is the picture you’ll get to see.

Best Replacement Ever

Don’t tell me that you didn’t notice the small tire that is attached to the rear part of the car.

Those Are The Best

That’s the best you could think of replacing the headlights with. Stand and salute this guy for doing so.

Want To Hide A Dent

This man should be awarded for bringing this type of revolution in automobile industry.

No Need To Replace The Shock Absorb-er

Nobody can imagine how that guy was able to place so many tennis balls inside that shock absorb-er.

Who Needs Doors?

That’s a really good tin shit, oh sorry did i say shit? Its A good tin sheet.

Audi With 3 Wheels

Did your heart break into million pieces after seeing this picture because i know nobody can see a Audi like this.

Complete Makeover Of The Bonnet

Do you like this stylish bonnet of the car? make sure next time you do it like this because it’s cool.