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The ‘Myths’ About 10 Creatures That Appeared To Be True


Beasts that only were in unrealistic aspects, shocked when their existence came to be in real. To know more read the article below.

Okapi – ‘The so called “African unicorn”

This hybrid animal or (so as hoofed mammal) that is born from a Zebra (female) & Horse(male) or vise-versa. The average physical growth is less than a adult-horse & adult-zebra. In 1901, Sir Harry Johnston discovered evidence of the Okapi.

Giant Squid – The devil of the deep blue sea

The ‘Giant Squid’ is mostly in 2 colors mainly white & red, it was discovered at around yr 1880 by the zoologist Addison Emery Verrill.

Mountain Gorilla

As “Mountain Gorilla” defines to be a White Ape as per the name suggests it. But these are mostly found in the dense-tropical forests mainly in South-Africa. They are now running extent. It was discovered in 1902 when a German officer shot one.

Komodo Dragon – The ‘MONITOR’

With a ‘snake’ like tongue & a ‘crocodile’ body having small scales as compared to than that of croc’s. The creature is also named as ‘The Monitor’

Sea Serpent – Other name called as ‘Giant Oarfish’

First sighted in 1772, the oarfish are the world’s longest bony fish, reaching as much as 30 feet in length approximately. Though not a reptile, this fish is thought to be the inspiration for legends of sea serpents found around the world.

Platypus – Reminds the cartoon ‘Perry’ the Platypus

Sometimes referred to as the “duck-billed platypus”. It is an egg laying mammal situated in Australia(E) mainly.

Bondegezou – Even called in other name as “Dingiso“

The name of this specie means “the forbidden animal”, mainly found in Papua Province central on New Guinea island, in northeastern Indonesia.

Kangaroo – The leg boxer champ

This mammal esp the female has a pouch in which it rears its off-spring & hop’s with the baby at a speed of 50 kms (30mph) at maximum. The kick of a Kangaroo has the impact like a professional boxer’s punch in the face.

Ziphius – The goose beaked whale

These mammals are most frequently seen beaked whales by divers or oceanographers, despite preferring deep sea waters or deep oceans that are usually deeper 3,500 ft or more.

Devil Bird – Called (Eagle Owl)

Like a ‘Phantom thief’ this night bird that appears with a complete black – eyed view with no visible cornea & pupil though it has like the other normal owls. The eye brows look like horns on this night bird.

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