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People who became very rich before they reached 25


Millionaires generally fall into 3 categories: those who started or bought a successful business, those who inherited large sums and those lucky enough to win a lottery. However, the modern age has brought us a 4th category – those who made millions thanks to the internet, a medium that has proved to be a natural ‘domain’ for ultra-connected millennials savvy enough to make a buck or two!

Meet 11 young people who raked in millions before reaching the age of 25!

1. Ryan of ToysReview is 7 years old

This little guy made a mint by having fun! He tests toys and posts reviews on his YouTube channel – the second most popular one in the world. In fact it’s doing so well that its advertising revenue alone is around $100,000 per month!

2. MattyBRaps is 14 years old

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This YouTube star remixes videos of well-known songs. He started his venture aged 7 and within 4 years had over a billion views on his YouTube channel.

3. Rashed Saif Belhasa is 15 years old


As the son of a very wealthy Dubai business man, this teenager was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. At 15 he already owned a Ferrari, even though he couldn’t apply for his driver’s permit. But no matter – as a millionaire who independently made a fortune by flaunting his wealth, he can easily afford a chauffeur…

4. Nick Jonas, a 25 year-old actor and singer

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Nick Jonas is one of the Jonas Brothers who, thanks to his acting talents, is far richer than his brothers and made it to 10th place on the list of the world’s richest under 25’s!

5. Nick D’Aloisio, a 21 year-old genius

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Whizzkid D’Aloisio invented the popular Summly app – an automatic summarization algorithm that allows users to gather information in a matter of seconds.

6. Rico Rodriguez, a 19 year-old prodigy

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Modern Family fans will immediately recognize the highly talented Rico Rodgriguez, who started his acting career at only 8 years-old. He’s already won a host of awards and we reckon he’s an Oscar winner in the making!

7. Extreme sports fan Tanner Fox is 17 years old

With 6 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, this extreme sports star shares his dizzying exploits with his online community. He has fewer followers on Instagram, but has still managed to get over 3 million fans. Young people love his videos as they combine hair-raising moments with a great sense of humor!

8. Mark Thomas, a multi-talented 16 year-old


Mark Thomas AKA @duhitzmark reworks clips of famous songs and shares them with his 770,000 followers on YouTube. He’s also an Instagram star who’s started to spread his joy on other platforms including YouNow.

9. Jacob Sartorius is 15 years old


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Jacob Sartorius was put up for adoption at 4 years old because his parents could no longer care for him. He quickly developed his artistic talents and published his first video when he was only 11 years old. Today his YouTube channel has no less than 2.7 million subscribers!

10. Valentina Paloma Pinault, a 10 year-old millionaire


In case you’re wondering, Instagram star Valentina Paloma Pinault is the daughter of Salma Hayek and François Henri Pinault, a very wealthy French business man. She already owns a $12m dollar home and can basically do as she pleases.

11. Prince George Alexander Louis is 4 years old

The future heir to the British throne is a billionaire 4 year-old who’s set to inherit properties valued at around $5 billion. His daily ‘earnings’ are roughly $400m per year… pretty good for a kid who’s still in kindergarten!

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