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Persoality test: Choose one sitting positio and it tells much about your character


The way you sit really does tell a lot about your personality. The reason why is because you like to sit based on your own convenience and comfort. The surroundings you’re in also have an impact on the way you sit.

Your current mood is probably the most important part of your favorite position – no pun intended. Even though you might not realize it, your position gives away signals about your body language.

It also gives signals about your personality, and the following positions will help you figure out your personality type.

Legs crossed

If you’re the type of person who sits cross-legged on the floor it reveals that you are care-free and open. This also shows that you are also open towards new ideas and also that you are flexible person emotionally.

Also, if you sit on the chair in this position it shows that you are a shy person and also remain a bit distant from strangers. You assumed to be an introvert and will never reveal yourself to others.

One leg over, back straight

This is the best posture which says volumes about your personality. It shows that you are a confident person alongside being a reliable and strong person.

Not only that you are also a fun-loving person who takes interest in the little things in life and ensures that it is enjoyable.

Ankles crossed

If you are sitting with your ankles crossed it shows that you are an authoritative person who also possesses leadership skills.

You love to be in control of the situations, people and are often commanding. Another interesting aspect is that you are a jealous person in relationships.

Leaning forward

This position shows that you are a person who gets distracted by a variety of things easily. You are not quite social but you still like to make new friends.

You are that sort of a person who can flatter others, give them compliments, and praise your peers as and when you want.

Like you do not hold good comments about something and can make everyone around you happy.

Legs placed together

When people look at you for the first time it shows that you are a cold-hearted person. Once they get to know you they find you really kind, amicable and sincere person to be with.

The other side of you is a person who is quite straight-forward and serious. Also, you are the kind of person who is strict with their plans and priorities as well as being a punctual person.

Arms crossed

This shows that you are a person who has a strong character and possesses a certain depth to yourself. You are creating a protection for yourself from the world.

Your facial expressions are usually concentrated and you have a happy smile on your face. Since you feel confident and complete you do not open up to anyone else easily.

Hands between legs

If you sit in this posture it shows that you are a sensitive person, as well as being good-natured and a sweetheart.

You take interest in other people’s problems and are always finding ways to help them as much as it is in your control.

But it also shows that you are shy and doubting your own individual decisions.

Hands placed on knee

A person who sits in this posture shows that you are a leader and a confident person. And you are not afraid to give this message to those around you to be aware of you! You love to share this with your presence.

Also, this position reveals that the person is focused and mentally active. You also tend to own the decision of others as well as your own self. If there are any problems in your way you solve it easily no matter how big it is and you find the solutions to any problem.

Hands locked

This shows that you are an emotional and impulsive person. You are always cheerful, the one who always stays optimistic as well as the one who shares it with others.

While talking to you other people love to communicate with you and you inspire others in a positive manner.

This suggests that you always stay surrounded by a lot of people and are never alone. Since you are so passionate people get drawn towards you.

Holding the armrests

If you are the sort of person who holds the armrests it shows that you are always attentive towards your surroundings as well as being attentive.

This goes on to depict that you are always in need of some sort of comfort and security. You are also a stable person emotionally and your friends and family depend upon you as their emotional mentor.

The bonus – hands on the back of your head while leaning backward

It shows that you are s a sensitive person who also sympathizes with others. You are always aware of other people’s needs and are also careful in your decisions and acts.

Moreover, you tend to analyze things before you carry on with certain decisions in your life. You weigh the advantages and disadvantages always and prepare yourself for whatever you are planning to do.

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