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Personality test: the shape of your nose reveals about your personality


The study of physiognomy is not actually a part of a separate science of biology or psychology. However, people are genetically preoccupied with distinguishing and interpreting faces, facial expressions, and micro-expressions. As soon as you meet someone you make some conclusion about the personality of that individual. That is because some facial details can determine some personality traits. And by facial details, I mean forehead, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, etc.

This time, we are going to talk about what the shape of your nose says about you.

#1 The Nubian Nose

The bridge of a nose is straight but the lower part of the nose points down. People with this kind of a nose are very expressive and curious about the world around them. They are optimists, but a little bit reserved; however, they are always learning new things and skills. The humility of these people is the main thing that makes them pop out from the crowd. People with this kind of a nose are usually very smart.

#2 Greek Nose

You could see this kind of a nose on Greek sculptures. It is a narrow, straight, and pointed nose. Proud owners of this nose are usually very prudent, extremely practical, and loyal to the bone. And by loyal, I also mean that they know how to keep a secret. They would rather die than tell something they shouldn’t. However, they are not open to others. It is a hard job to become their friend.

#3 The Hook Nose

Some people also call it “Bird’s Beak” because it looks like one. It bends downwards from the base to the tip. People with this kind of a nose are opinioned, deep and very thoughtful. If they have some opinion, they will defend it to the death. However, the part of their personality that is truly special is their self-sacrifice. They are also very diplomatic, creative, and wise.

#4 The Arched Nose

This nose is curved from the base, just like the “hook nose”, but it has pointed tip. Owners of this nose can become extremely good managers. They are driven by their goals and always efficient and organized. And above everything, these people are capable of leading through their own example. But they are not blinded by their professions. Far from that. These people care deeply about the people they love. However, if you betray them, they will destroy you.

#5 The Button Nose

This nose is short, dainty, and cute. And most people have this kind of a nose. However, even it is a common shape of a nose, there is nothing ordinary about it. The people with this kind of a nose are very determined, spontaneous, and strong-willed. The plan their time to the tiniest detail and they usually base their decisions on what they feel deep within. And because of their ambitions and determination, they usually get what they want.

#6 The Straight Nose

This nose is with wide nostrils and a round tip. The nose itself is straight and flat. People who own this kind of a nose are usually in total control of their emotions. They can read the emotions of others too, and that is why they are empathic towards others. The other thing that is characteristic of this kind of people is their patience. They are extremely patient. The one thing that can derail them is the safety of their loved ones. If their family and loved ones are in danger, these people are going to become a direct personification of the wrath of hell.

#7 The Concave Nose

This nose has a small arch on the nose bone, and it looks petite and sharp with the tip pointing forward. These people are very sensitive. They will feel every single emotion deeper than anyone else. However, they don’t show if they are hurt. They will carry any burden with a smile on their face. They care about others and put their needs behind.

#8 The Crooked Nose

The bridge of this nose stands out and the tip is rounded. People with this kind of a nose are usually the most simple and straightforward of all. They are excellent listeners and never judge anyone. Thus they are great friends and partners. These people always think before saying anything.

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