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Photos perfectly showing what disappointment is


Life isn’t always a bed of roses. We may sometimes feel scared or in danger, get annoyed because we’re obliged to do something we hate, treat ourselves to a present that turns out to be useless…

Here are 25 photos that define the word ‘disappointment’. What about you? Have you any stories about times when you felt let down? Share your comments below!

1. When your Korean sheet mask turns you into a horror movie character

2. A wedding cake fail… Yes, those are supposed to be the wedding rings!

3. When you keep asking for a Nintendo Switch and your parents give you this…

4. This girl was really excited about starting school… Until she found out that her mom couldn’t stay in the class

5. This is one disappointed kid. His mom organized a birthday party, but only invited her friends!

6. When you realize you should have dressed up as Batman…

7. Yep, we know the feeling!

8. When you strike your best pose and this happens!

9. When your sister sends you an incomprehensible gift

10. When your wife forces you to dress up for St. Patrick’s Day

11. The first and last time you give your barber a free rein…

12. This kid was feeling too hot, so he put on his VR glasses and ‘visited’ Alaska

13. The morning after the night your dog was left alone in the living room…

14. This person ordered a sauna hat but received a vial of scorpion venom-based medication…

15. She ordered the egg, but didn’t expect it to be served in her soda!

16. Lying is one thing, lying to a kid is another matter!

17. When your owner insists on giving you a weekly bath

18. When you’re starving and open the packet to find this…

19. It’s well below freezing and you order a take-out coffee, only to drop it 2 seconds later!

20. Beware of ordering clothes online!

21. When you hear the ice cream truck and run outside just in time to see it drive away

22. This little guy was so upset that he couldn’t play outdoors with his dog that he sat down in front of the window and refused to budge

23. When your dog shampoo turns your pooch pink!

24. When your patchwork blanket arrives and it’s not at all what you expected!

25. You pop out for lunch and this is the only table left in the restaurant…

26. The packaging promised that the product would give her curls like the girl on the left

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