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Photos revealing what it’s like to be a mom to three little sons


Sara Easter was an only child who always wished she had brothers or sisters. She grew up to not only become a professional photographer, but also a mom to 3 boys now aged 4, 7 and 9, which led to her documenting the daily antics of her young brood.

As she says herself, “At this point the boys are pretty immune to my picture taking. I photograph them almost daily so they hardly even notice me doing it anymore. It’s just a thing their mom does.”

Like any other parent, Sara started photographing her boys so she could immortalize their childhood, but it rapidly turned into a series of improvised snaps so that she could capture them unawares going about their daily lives. She hopes that they’ll keep these shots to one day show to their own off-spring, but she admits that she too would prefer to keep memories of who they really are, rather than create a series of formal or portrait-style photos. The settings may remain the same, but you’ll see the boys rapidly growing up, with new toys arriving and new tricks up their sleeves. These candid shots show Sara’s kids as she sees them – three funny, gentle, kind boys caught behaving naturally: photos that will strike a chord with every parent!

If you want to see more of Sara’s photos check out her site: saralizphoto.com, or follow her on her Facebook, Instagram and Pop Sugar pages.

1. A Storm Trooper knight in shining armor surveys his prehistoric troops

2. Great team work!

3. Because peeing outdoors is more natural!

4. Making a splash!

5. Checking out Halloween costumes

6. When you turn your back for 2 minutes…

7. Man (or rather boy’s) best friend

8. Helping your dad to retrieve your football

9. Challenge accepted!

10. A triple piggyback ride!

11. Brotherly love!

12. Mud, mud, glorious mud…

13. Who didn’t love standing under sprinklers when they were young?

14. Shower time!

15. Nailing the rock star,Top Gun and Indiana Jones look!

16. A little snack…

17. When you have a hard time explaining the state of your clothes (and body!)

18. “Look how much you’ve grown!”

19. Using a cheeky smile to cover up your antics

20. Taking care of something smaller than yourself…

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