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Photos showing that life can be very fascinating and wonderful


Some people may think that they have it all and there’s little left to discover, but we beg to differ. All over the world, people are coming with ideas and inventions that haven’t hit our shores! Thanks to the internet that we can now see how others live and maybe even adopt their latest craze, cool gadgets or useful tips!

Here are 27 photos of genius ideas that we can’t wait to try.

1. A pizza restaurant where the pizza box is also… A pizza!

2. The Japanese Yen is so light it can float on liquids!

3. LEGO have realized how painful it is to walk on LEGO pieces… Now you can buy Anti-LEGO slippers!

4. Some hair dye brands also provide protective slips for eyeglasses!

5. In this ice cream parlor, prices depend on the temperature outdoors. The colder it is, the lower the price!

6. This restaurant’s bread knife blade is an outline of the Alps!

7. Doctors say it’s best to use a footstool when you go to the toilet, so this person found a solution!

8. Bikes that don’t used air-filled tires!

9. Turn your Super Nintendo into a mail box!

10. A cool way to propose if you girlfriend is a gamer!

11. Disneyland is fed up with selfie sticks!

12. Hilarious – look what these parents found when they erased the black line!

13. This mom found a survival kit hidden in her 3 year-old’s bedroom – complete with a knife, gun and cash!

14. An anti-freeze system for a car that appears to have the Transformers logo printed on the front… Be warned!

15. Doctors often say that a glass of wine a day is good for our health…

16. A 100-year old purse with coins that were found in a garden!

17. Because Stormtroopers also use the subway when they’ve finished their shift… They also enjoy knitting!

18. A smart elevator that tells you how many more people can fit in

19. Eco-friendly staples!

20. A Swedish weatherman wearing his favorite ‘Lightning Cat’ sweater

21. Superheroes African-style!

22. When you start a new job and find there’s an office dog!

23. A selfie-toaster!

24. Just some guys taking their pets for a walk…

25. When your taxi driver takes ‘geek’ to another level

26. Just a llama dressed up as a lobster!

27. A gorilla checking out photos of girls!

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