Ryan Reynolds Revealed Why He And His Wife Blake Lively Are Very Happy


I’m sure we can all agree that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the world’s last hope for love.

My entire perception about whether a young, celebrity couple can remain happily married rests on the shoulders of RyLi (that’s Ryan + Lively — it’s the best I could do).

Recently, Ryan divulged a bit of information about how he and Blake make their family work.

The couple has been married for six years, which, by Hollywood’s standards, is practically a lifetime.

In that time, they’ve had two children together: 1-year-old Ines and 3-year-old James.

According to Ryan, both he and Blake are adamant about being “present” in their family.

“We don’t allow our film schedules to overlap and we are very conscious of being very present as parents,” explained Ryan.

Clearly, the couple has given priority to their children over their work.

“I come from a big family and so does Blake, and we both want to create a very warm and happy environment for our children,” added Ryan.

“I remember how I used to get bored when people would show their baby pictures,” admitted Ryan.

Well, that’s a relatable statement if I ever heard one.

“Since I’ve become a father though, I can’t stop taking my own children’s photos and showing them to my friends,” said Ryan.

It seems like having a family with Blake has brought Ryan a ton of happiness.

Of course, it’s also messed with his sleeping schedule.

“Getting enough sleep is always a big challenge,” Ryan admitted. “My wife and I are convinced that our daughters are allergic to sleep.”

“I try to sing to them, but usually, I’m the one who falls asleep instead,” said Ryan.

Well, that’s parenting for ya!

“Oh, I’m a little more sentimental,” said Ryan, after being asked how his life has changed since having children.

“I can lay it on pretty thick. I’ve always been sentimental — since I was a kid,” he added.

“It’s so much better,” he went on. “Having a family means that you stop worrying about a lot of stupid things and you start focusing on the present.”

Well, it’s clear that both Ryan and Blake are putting a lot of attention towards being parents.

And that might be a part of what’s kept them together for so long.

Obviously, starting a family with your partner creates a new bond between the two of you, especially when you put as much focus on it as Ryan and Blake appear to be.

And if that’s their secret, then more power to them!

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