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Street art masterpieces from different countries around the world


Street art is rapidly taking over the urban world, livening up dull streets and buildings, and adding a bit of color to a sometimes drab environment. But we’re not talking about simple tags and designs or the mindless graffiti that once decorated city streets – nowadays artists are producing works that give the Old Masters a run for their money!

Here are 24 awesome examples of street art that take realism to a whole new level!

1. Need somewhere to park your MUV?

2. A huge switch for a huge building!

3. When you’re mad at your drunken friend

4. The anatomy of a spider

5. Because aliens love a tidy sidewalk!

6. The detail in this is just incredible!

7. Just a couple of human angels updating their statuses…

8. The perfect optical illusion!

9. An awesome 3D effect!

10. One for Kill Bill fans!

11. “I’m thirsty!”

12. We love the idea as much as the detail!

13. A cloud-catcher

14. A genuine urban jungle

15. Great hair!

16. Clever!

17. We can all relate to these facial expressions!

18. When monsters lurk amongst the boulders!

19. A superb balancing act!

20. So cute!

21. Peering over the edge!

22. Make sure you mind the gaps!

23. Neo doing what he does best

24. Dial 911 NOW!

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