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Top 10 Best Festivals From Around The World

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Festivals are a way people can express and celebrate traditions from all around the world and from different cultures. Whether they’re for entertainment purposes, or to honor beliefs and traditions, festivals bring people from all around the world to celebrate together. Here are top 10 best festivals around the world.

10. Dia De Los Muertos – Mexico

Dia De Los Muertos, which is Day of the Dead in English, is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November first. It honors their dead with lively celebrations that combine indigenous Aztec ritual with Catholicism. They celebrate the lives of the deceased with things they enjoyed in life. During the 3 days celebration, the families clean and decorate their loves ones’ graves with Flor de Muerto (flower of the dead). They bring toys to the dead children and bottle of tequila, mescal or pulque for adults.

9. Loi Krathong – Thailand

Loi Krathong is a festival celebrated annually across southwestern Tai cultures. In this festival, people gather around rivers or lakes and release lotus shaped rafts to pay respect to the goddess of water. The rafts are usually decorated with candles, incense and flowers. The reason behind the festival is to thank the water goddess after the rice harvest season, as well as an apology for polluting the water.

The festival celebrated annually throughout Thailand, Laos, Shan, Mon, Tanintharyi, Kelantan, Kedah and Xishuangbanna. The celebration takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month. It’s one of the 10 best festivals around the world.

8. La Tomatina – Spain

Held in the Valencian town of Bunol, La Tomatina is a festival where the goers throw tomatoes and create tomato fights for entertainment purposes. The tomato fights go on for a couple of hours.The festival is held on the 30th of August, and begins with the crowd climbing a grease pole and claiming the ham on top. Once the ham is claimed, the legendary tomato fight starts.

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7. Krampusnacht – Austria

Krampunsnacht, or Krampus Night, is a festival celebrated in parts of Europe preceding the Feast of St. Nicholas. Krampus, is a horned figure described as half goat, half demon in folklore who punishes children who misbehaved during the Christmas season. The costume of the Krampus is made out of a wooden mask and a suit made from sheep or goat skin. The folklore of the Krampus dates back to a thousand year. On the Krampus Night, Krampus is responsible to give out coal and ruten bundles.

It is one of the 10 best festivals celebrated around the world. Widely celebrated on different European countries including; Austria, Bavaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Northern Italy.

6. Haro Wine Festival – Spain

The San Vino Wine Fight is a festival held every year between the 27th and the 30th of June. The festival starts on the 27th at 7am where a bunch of people of various ages, including locals and tourists, dress in white shirts and red scarves and carry bottles, water pistols, and containers filled with wine. The festival goers climb a mountain in La Rioja, Spain, and pour the red wine all over each other. It’s one of the biggest parties that the town of Haro sees. After several hours of fun, people move into the town of Haro, and end the night with traditional dances.