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Tourist Travels Through Europe And Photograph The Elegance Of Abandoned Places


“The old villas, the castles and the ruined mansions are indeed the witnesses of a past elegance. The eye of my device is universal. It will offer a forgotten, majestic and renewed vision of these homes now lifeless”.

Abandonment, forgetfulness, exploration of the unusual fascinate Romain Thierty. He dives into these spaces that everyone thinks are empty, Romain wanders there for hours that he classes out of time. This is the aim of his art, to conquer those keys of life that people think dead and capture these incredible places with his camera. The man wishes to make intact this peaceful atmosphere, that the textures, the light which fills these places jump to the eyes of the curious ones with regard to his art.

#1 Staircase Turquoise, PolandStaircase Turquoise, Poland#2 Casino, Romania

Casino, Romania#3 White Castle, France

White Castle, France#4 Green Marble, France

Green Marble, France#5 Manicomio Di G, Italy

Manicomio Di G, Italy#6 Piemonte, Italy

Piemonte, Italy#7 Mint Pastel, Italy

Mint Pastel, Italy#8 Ballroom Turquoise, Germany

Ballroom Turquoise, Germany#9 Luxury, Italy

Luxury, Italy#10 Palace, Italy

Palace, Italy#11 Ballroom, Germany

Ballroom, Germany#12 Casino, Italy

Casino, Italy#13 Casino, Romania

Casino, Romania#14 Orfanotrofio, Italy

Orfanotrofio, Italy#15 Zanelli, Italy

Zanelli, Italy#16 Castle, France

Castle, France#17 Church, Germany

Church, Germany#18 Villa Wege, Germany

Villa Wege, Germany#19 Villa Minette, Italy

Villa Minette, Italy#20 Golden Chapel, France

Golden Chapel, France

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